Top 10 Features

B One

Fits all Standard / Sport and Touring Motorcycles as well as Scooters, many ATVs, Bicycles, Riding Lawn Mowers, General Storage and Firewood shelter.

B Two

100% Waterproof material.

B Three

Built-In Locking Hardware allows the Speed-way Shelter to be locked in the lowered position.

B Four

Provides full coverage protection from Sun, Rain, Snow, Dust and Debris.

B Five

Allows you to park and cover your bike even with hot pipes.

B Six

Fully Taped Seams for waterproofing.

B Seven

Very fast assembly -- less than 30 minutes.

B Eight

Sturdy Steel Frame structure protects your bike from falling objects.

B Nine

Includes a 48 lamp LED Bright Light for night parking or general night access.

B Ten

High density, high impact and abrasive resistant floor available for additional protection and a complete Shelter appearance!

Motorcycle Cover & Shelter Care

Your Speed-Way Shelter will provide years of use, if cared for correctly.

  1. Hand clean your Speedway Shelter using light pressure with warm water and light soap.
  2. Always secure your Speedway Shelter to a solid surface to protect it from high wind, falling or moving objects and unwelcome guests!
  3. We highly recommend that you find an elevated area or an area that allows for fast run-off of water to keep your vehicle and Shelter area as dry as possible. A slightly elevated platform is a great solution for both anchoring your Shelter and also keeping your Shelter space free of water run-off.
    Download Wood Base Platform assembly instructions pdf.
  4. If possible, find a location for your Speedway Shelter that is protected by a building or some other solid barrier.
  5. Some water repellents are acceptable for use to extend the life of your fabric cover. Use repellents that are normally used on Outdoor equipment -- such as tents, backpacks and apparel. Please see our recommended water proofing and UV protection treatment here pdf.
  6. It is always good to keep the windows opened a little for ventilation when the bike is hot or the weather is humid and warm. Please adjust the window opening for your own conditions. In the event of rain or snow fall, close your windows.
  7. The fabric cover is treated with UV protection. However, for long term storage of your vehicle, you can extend the life of your Shelter with shade or a secondary tarp or cover.
  8. To minimize dust and moisture, consider purchasing the high density, high impact and abrasive resistant floor that fits beneath your Shelter space perfectly! It looks great too!

Warranty Policy

SPEED-WAY MOTORSPORTS SHELTERS carry a one year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. In the event of any failure of this product due to manufacturing defect in materials and workmanship after this period, we will welcome the opportunity to evaluate the circumstances of any manufacturing related defect on a case by case basis to keep your vehicle properly protected!

The warranty excludes normal fading of the fabric cover, damage caused by customer neglect, abuse or improper use. Replacement covers are available for purchase. Limited repair or other replacement parts may be available for a fee.

Get additional FAQs on Speed-Way Shelters & motorcycle covers by clicking here.


Return Policy

All shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. A copy of your purchase receipt must accompany the return shipment.

Please call us (1-831-477-9600) for a Return Authorization Number before returning any product to assure that your return will be processed as quickly as possible. It is our goal to provide you with the best service possible.