image001 image002 image003Whether on the Bonneville Salt Flats or at home, my Speedway Shelter comes in very handy. In my pit area at Bonneville, it is an easy and transportable shelter to protect my race bike from the elements. I use the Speed-Way Shelter to secure my street bike at home to protect it from grime and sun fading. I take a Speed-Way Shelter with me camping and riding dirt bikes.
I love that it can be secured and locked, and that it is so portable. What a great product!

Leslie Porterfield was AMA female rider of the year in 2008, she was the first female on a conventional motorcycle in the bonneville 200mph club, set the production 1000cc record at 200mph, the first time for a 1000cc production motorcycle, and set the top world record for a female on a conventional motorcycle at 232mph, which got her into the Guinness book of world records, which still stands. Leslie has been at speeds of over 240mph at the bonneville salt flats and is currently on track to go faster and gather more records.

Leslie recently sold High Five Cycles and is now concentrating full time on racing and related promotions!