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Hello Speed–Way Shelters!
Please find a couple of pictures of my bike shelter…
My new X-R 1000 looks very happy, away from the dust and the sun. Thank you for your support!
Kobus Griesel
Abu Dhabi.


Speedway Receives SEMA Global Media Award for New Product

awardLas Vegas, Nevada.- In our third day of exhibiting at the SEMA Show, we are very proud to announce that Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters has been chosen to receive the SEMA Global Media Award for New Products.

This award is determined by Power-Sport / Motor-Sport journalists from around the world. They evaluate and pick products they feel would be of great value to their readers.

Based on the diverse locations, there is a need for product world wide.

The letter below explains the way the award works and who voted for the Speed-Way Deluxe (DS-1 Ultra) Trike Shelter.

“We sincerely appreciate and value this award as an endorsement by top industry professionals. Pros that have their finger on the pulse of the business in their respective regions of the world……THEY KNOW WHAT PEOPLE WANT AND NEED.” said Speed-Way President, Donald Reeves.

Reeves adds, “The show is going great and we look forward to seeing everyone that needs the best shelters on the market in their business. We are ready to serve you.”

Please put Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters on your “MUST SEE” list for the event.

We are exhibiting in the Power-Sport Hall and look forward to presenting the all new SPEED-WAY DELUXE TRIKE SHELTER.  

  • Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in three sizes…the Standard / Sport Model, the Specialized Touring Model, and the all new Deluxe Trike Model.
  • Speed-Way Shelters fit virtually all Standard, Sport and Touring Motorcycles including Trikes, Can-Am’s, Side Cars or two motorcycles.
  • Very fast assembly less than 30 minutes.
  • Waterproof material. Durable Polyester Fabric with 2,000mm Polyurethane Coating, UV protection, and Fully Taped Seams for waterproofing.
  • Includes a 48 lamp LED Bright Light with 3 operating functions. Helpful for night parking or general night access.
  • Built-In Locking Hardware allows the SPEED-WAY Shelter to be locked in the lowered position.
  • Provides full coverage protection from Sun, Rain, Snow, Dust, Kids, Toys, etc.
  • Works great outside or even inside the garage.
  • Two Large Side Windows offering full ventilation & full closure window covers
  • Easy to Use – Simple hand-lift retractable function for covering & uncovering your bike.
  • Your Speed-Way Shelter allows you to park and cover your bike with hot pipes.
  • Powder coated steel for rust protection and square tube structure for added strength.
  • New curved top design allows fast water runoff.
  • Includes anchor bolts for securing to cement or asphalt and a heavy duty carry case for storage or transport.
  • Optional Heavy Duty diamond plate rubber floors available

Speedway Shelter is the most impressive

speedway pic

Danielle Teal, host of the Next Moto Champion Talk Show, and Jon Boucher CEO Next Moto Champion.

“We’ve seen our share of motorcycle shelters come through the Next Moto Champion office and I think the Speedway shelter is the most impressive for a number of reasons. I really like how easy it was to put together, no tools required, and how easy it is to put my bike in and pull it out of this shelter. It’s like having a mini garage just for my motorcycle. I love it and would recommend the Speedway shelter to all motorcycle owners.”

Jon Boucher, CEO Next Moto Champion



image001 image002 image003Whether on the Bonneville Salt Flats or at home, my Speedway Shelter comes in very handy. In my pit area at Bonneville, it is an easy and transportable shelter to protect my race bike from the elements. I use the Speed-Way Shelter to secure my street bike at home to protect it from grime and sun fading. I take a Speed-Way Shelter with me camping and riding dirt bikes.
I love that it can be secured and locked, and that it is so portable. What a great product!

Leslie Porterfield was AMA female rider of the year in 2008, she was the first female on a conventional motorcycle in the bonneville 200mph club, set the production 1000cc record at 200mph, the first time for a 1000cc production motorcycle, and set the top world record for a female on a conventional motorcycle at 232mph, which got her into the Guinness book of world records, which still stands. Leslie has been at speeds of over 240mph at the bonneville salt flats and is currently on track to go faster and gather more records.

Leslie recently sold High Five Cycles and is now concentrating full time on racing and related promotions!


Peace of Mind

surferThese bike shelters are nice with good quality so I decided to get one for my bicycles as well. It’s peace of mind knowing that I could preserve the quality in all my bikes! Thank you for the excellent piece of equipment. Justen


Convenient, Hassle-free

michiganMy wife and I live in Northern Michigan right off of major snowmobile trails. We wanted the convenience to hop on the sled at any time hassle free and hit the trails. The SPEED-WAY SHELTER offers that convenience. After a long day on the trails we just didn’t want to put the sled in the garage and take the chance of having the carbides and track studs damage the concrete. Putting the sled away was always a major source of anxiety. Not anymore!

michigan-2The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER, touring size, accommodates our Ski-Doo 2012 Grand Touring LE 1200ACE 2-UP or as used in this video a Yamaha Venture 2-UP. The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER is easy to use, setup and keeps our sled protected from the winter elements (sun, ice, snow, rain). The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER has vents to prevent condensation in the shelter after storing a hot machine after a run. This is a big deal to keep condensation low with snow melting off the machine when it is closed.

image001Our SPEEDWAY-SHELTER has been in use for four years during the months of December to the end of March and if we are lucky into April.

Great purchase!–Mary and Doug Fry


Extremely happy with the Speed-Way Shelter

I must say I’m extremely happy with the Speedway Shelter. I live ten miles North of Boston and always worried about how I was going to garage my Road Glide Ultra.  In the past I used a typical motorcycle cover. Bought two of them over the last five years and the total of those purchases were the same as The Speedway Shelter. Pain in the butt waiting for my bike to cool off and then go out after a long ride and cover it. I also worried about my bike being stolen.  I stared looking for an alternative and found the Speedway Shelter.  Wow was I glad I did. Ordered it last year and got it with in a week.

Anybody that knows me knows I can build anything. My girl friend was at my house when the Speedway Shelter arrived and we decided to set it up. My girlfriend said stay out of it and she would put the shelter together. Total truth she set up probably ninety percent herself. All I did was pull the fabric over the metal poles.

I had a great last season last year. The greatest thing about the Shelter is you just roll your bike in it and shut the cover.  Another thing I love is I’m 6’2″ and I can stand in the shelter and have room to clean the bike when it gets a bit cooler. I also like the light in the shelter.

I took the shelter down before the winter when my bike was stored at Manchester Harley Davidson. I broke down the Speedway shelter and put in my shed. The shed is dry and a great place to store it.

This year I wanted to move the Speedway shelter to my other driveway. By myself without the help of my girlfriend I carried the Speedway shelter to my other driveway. I was extremely light. I also ordered the Speedway shelter mat. I put the mat down and then set up the Speedway shelter on it. This driveway is crush stone. Now it might not be the perfect application for the mat but it works for me and keeps the moisture out of the shelter.  I just got back form a ride the the moutains of New Hampshire pulled up to the Speedway shelter . Open it and drove in and shut the cover.

I’m very happy with the Speedway shelter. My only regrets is that I didn’t get it sooner.


Great Solution

trike“The Speed-Way Shelter is a great solution to outdoor storage of my recumbent trike that I have been searching for a long time.
I think the shelter is a great device for outdoor storage of bikes.
My trike is all carbon fiber and it’s worth quite a bit so leaving it exposed to the elements would be quite foolish.



BEST Customer Service

kiel-2 kielI just wanted to take a moment to share a recent experience I had with your company. I recently sent an e mail with concern over my touring size shelter cover “shrinking” around the frame possibly due to elements and sun. I sent along several reference photos detailing the condition of the cover. I was promptly contacted back by Don Reeves who expressed concern over the situation and seemed eager to help me remedy my situation.

After a few more detailed reference photos, Don informed me that I had bought an older model shelter and that they had recently upgraded the framing and fabric of the new shelters and presented me a very generous offer to have my shelter replaced with the newer cover and frame in order to make sure that I was satisfied as a customer. In this day and age of mediocre (at best) customer service, I must commend your company on it’s A+++ customer service. Don was very professional and courteous throughout my dealing with your company. He understood my problem and was more than willing to take care of my problem and help me find a solution to my situation. No matter the size of the company, it’s customer service such as yours that will guarantee return business, excellent word of mouth advertising, and continued growth and success. Enclosed please find photos of my old shelter and now my new upgraded shelter.

David Kiel



Speed-Way Safety and Shelter for a Lonely Motorcycle

dr-fengA brother, contributor, official Bikernet certified welder, VP of Bikernet Manufacturing, Tobey, lives on a rusting steel ketch in the Wilmington marina. He recently agreed to a long-term road test of a 650 ATK cruiser. He desperately needed shelter and security for his freedom ride and Speed-way Shelters offered to, “Gimme Shelter.”

Read Tobey’s Story!


Perfect for small space

small-spacesmall-space-2I have the Touring Bike cover and it it absolutely perfect for the space I have available. As you can see from the pictures the shelter fits perfect in my limited space.

This shelter is very easy to assemble and disassemble if needed. It provides much, much better protection from the elements than a conventional slip over type covers, of which I have had several.
–Mike Bricker / Harley Owner


Great solution for outdoor bike & Trike storage

trikeNot having a garage or other weather-protected place to store my bike and trike outdoors, I tried nearly everything — covers, bubbles — but nothing was reliable. The Trike covers in particularly were pretty useless. Most affordable storage sheds were not long enough to accommodate a trike so I was forced to store my Trike in my commercial storage space. That ended up being a horrible inconvenience, as everytime I wanted to ride I had to drive a 2 miles to pick it up. Not having the Trike easily accessible discouraged consistent and frequent riding.

With my Carbon Trikes SL slated for delivery in March I was very anxious about finding a solution. And I found what I consider a dream: The Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter. They were designed for outdoor storage of motorcycles and Trikes. And the price in my book is reasonable: $325 for the basic model. And the storage space under the Speed-Way cover is more than enough for a trike and probably a tandem as well.

As Speed-Way advised, I built a platform to provide a level, waterproof base for the Speed-Way structure. At the moment I’m storing my wife’s basic two-wheeler in the SpeedWay. When the CarbonTrikes SL arrives, this will be its home outdoors. When I want to ride it, it will be in my back yard in a sheltered space ready to go!

–Rick Hasel


I highly recommend Speed-Way Shelter

testimonial-snowI’ve used the Speed-way Motorsport Shelter for 19 months and I highly recommend the product. I live on Long Island, NY. The Blizzard Jonah that just hit us in the Northeast. Today’s NEWSDAY: “The highest snow totals in Suffolk County were reported in Commack, with 26.5 inches, and Islip, with 25.9 inches, according to the National Weather Service.”
I live next to Islip.
Dennis Hodulick


Still Very Pleased After Five Years

testimonial-snow-2Without a garage to store my bike I decided to give Speedway shelters a try. After five years I’m happy to say I’m still very pleased – the purchase has been well worth it. This year, the DC area experienced a little bit of snowfall – and it was the speedway that kept my bike sheltered from not only the snowfall, but the snowdrift as well. Thank you for your excellent product.


Three Feet of Snow

testimonial-snow-3“The snow blew the whole time. Three feet of snow in Baltimore. Good thing they never shoveled to get to it!
Love my Speed-Way Shelter.”
Michael Miller


Speedway Shelters…The Best Just Got Better!

541Santa Cruz, CA.- In a constant effort to improve the entire line of Speedway Motorsport Shelters products, the engineers have made an excellent revision to our ever popular retractable shelters. Simple, yet extremely effective, the best just got better!

Here you can see this simple change will make all the difference in extreme weather.

Speedway Shelters is proud to be part of the upcoming American International Motorcycle Expo (AIME) in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center and located in booth # 1617.
Drop by the show and come to our booth to visit with our associate, “Cadillac”: Joe Distefano. He will be glad to see you and will have show specials available to discuss. Distributors, dealers, and consumers are all invited to see a full presentation and discuss how Speedway Motorsport Shelters can help you.

Read More


Speedway Shelters: The Best Just Got Better!

540Santa Cruz, CA.- In a constant effort to improve the entire line of Speedway Motorsport Shelters products, the engineers have made an excellent revision to our ever popular retractable shelters. Simple, yet extremely effective, the best just got better!
Here you can see this simple change will make all the difference in extreme weather.

By using the new arched design on the top three cross members, the Speedway Shelter will shed rain, snow, and anything that comes down in a much more efficient manner. As seen below, in addition to external aspect and functionality of the design, it will also allow for more internal clearance facilitating even higher windshields, handlebars, and mirror heights when the bike is parked in the unit.

Come see us at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, FL October 16-19

Read more


Salt Flats

This event is running smooth!! All tech’d in and pits area all set up. Great to have my sponsor Speed-Way Shelter out on the salt flats!! Gonna be great for impound!!




Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters On Display Supporting the Show

releaseSturgis, SD – The 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is just days away. As always, the guys at Speed-Way Shelters want to support the events as best we can and certainly want to be on the main drag at the top flight events during the rally.

This year, Mark Craven of and the City of Sturgis are hosting the ULTIMATE BAGGER SHOW located at Lazelle & 4th.

Stop by and check out the coolest touring bikes you’ve ever seen and for sure stop by to check out our top of the line Touring Model Speed-Way Shelter. The ONLY way to protect your bike.

While you are there, stop by the Speed-Way Shelters booth and see that ever popular “Cadillac” Joe D. and register to win the shelter on display……. take it home to use for years of protection for your ride.

For further details on this and all events during the rally, click here

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in two sizes…the Standard / Sport Model and the Specialized Touring Model. Use the motorcycle sizing guide on our website to help identify the Speed-Way motorcycle cover that best fits your specific bike, such as Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and more.

If there are ever any questions about the make or model of your motorcycle, or any other questions about our motorcycle covers, the Speed-Way staff is available for immediate assistance. Call our customer service department at 831-477-9600.


“I say YES to the Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter!”

Our customers are more than satisfied with their Speed-Way

Shelters and motorcycle covers. Please contact us to send your thoughts and ideas – pictures welcomed – about our products & services and we will try to post them here. We welcome feedback and like hearing from you!

valerieValerie Thompson is one of the most determined and successful independent female racers competing today, living in a world of speed on and off the racetrack. Valerie is now a 5-Time motorcycle land speed record holder and racing team owner. Valerie’s first year as a land speed racing team owner/driver met with tremendous success in 2012, setting three new national speed records and gaining membership in the “Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club” with her BMW S 1000 RR. She continued her winning streak at her first 2013 competition, The Texas Mile, setting a new 1000 cc class/track record and earning membership to the prestigious “Texas Mile 200 MPH Club” with back-to-back runs of 212 mph, a new personal best top speed.

Valerie comments on the Speed-Way Shelter:
“Check out this cool Speed-Way Motorcycle Cover we displayed at our appearance yesterday. It’s weather protection for outside use (racetrack) and great for inside your garage! Comes with a retractable “roll top” feature for fast, immediate, easy access to your cycle! Another GREAT feature is…SHELTER for our pets! Reckon and Speedy and I say YES to the Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter!”