Great solution for outdoor bike & Trike storage

trikeNot having a garage or other weather-protected place to store my bike and trike outdoors, I tried nearly everything — covers, bubbles — but nothing was reliable. The Trike covers in particularly were pretty useless. Most affordable storage sheds were not long enough to accommodate a trike so I was forced to store my Trike in my commercial storage space. That ended up being a horrible inconvenience, as everytime I wanted to ride I had to drive a 2 miles to pick it up. Not having the Trike easily accessible discouraged consistent and frequent riding.

With my Carbon Trikes SL slated for delivery in March I was very anxious about finding a solution. And I found what I consider a dream: The Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter. They were designed for outdoor storage of motorcycles and Trikes. And the price in my book is reasonable: $325 for the basic model. And the storage space under the Speed-Way cover is more than enough for a trike and probably a tandem as well.

As Speed-Way advised, I built a platform to provide a level, waterproof base for the Speed-Way structure. At the moment I’m storing my wife’s basic two-wheeler in the SpeedWay. When the CarbonTrikes SL arrives, this will be its home outdoors. When I want to ride it, it will be in my back yard in a sheltered space ready to go!

–Rick Hasel