Convenient, Hassle-free

michiganMy wife and I live in Northern Michigan right off of major snowmobile trails. We wanted the convenience to hop on the sled at any time hassle free and hit the trails. The SPEED-WAY SHELTER offers that convenience. After a long day on the trails we just didn’t want to put the sled in the garage and take the chance of having the carbides and track studs damage the concrete. Putting the sled away was always a major source of anxiety. Not anymore!

michigan-2The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER, touring size, accommodates our Ski-Doo 2012 Grand Touring LE 1200ACE 2-UP or as used in this video a Yamaha Venture 2-UP. The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER is easy to use, setup and keeps our sled protected from the winter elements (sun, ice, snow, rain). The SPEEDWAY-SHELTER has vents to prevent condensation in the shelter after storing a hot machine after a run. This is a big deal to keep condensation low with snow melting off the machine when it is closed.

image001Our SPEEDWAY-SHELTER has been in use for four years during the months of December to the end of March and if we are lucky into April.

Great purchase!–Mary and Doug Fry