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Great Solution

trike“The Speed-Way Shelter is a great solution to outdoor storage of my recumbent trike that I have been searching for a long time.
I think the shelter is a great device for outdoor storage of bikes.
My trike is all carbon fiber and it’s worth quite a bit so leaving it exposed to the elements would be quite foolish.



BEST Customer Service

kiel-2 kielI just wanted to take a moment to share a recent experience I had with your company. I recently sent an e mail with concern over my touring size shelter cover “shrinking” around the frame possibly due to elements and sun. I sent along several reference photos detailing the condition of the cover. I was promptly contacted back by Don Reeves who expressed concern over the situation and seemed eager to help me remedy my situation.

After a few more detailed reference photos, Don informed me that I had bought an older model shelter and that they had recently upgraded the framing and fabric of the new shelters and presented me a very generous offer to have my shelter replaced with the newer cover and frame in order to make sure that I was satisfied as a customer. In this day and age of mediocre (at best) customer service, I must commend your company on it’s A+++ customer service. Don was very professional and courteous throughout my dealing with your company. He understood my problem and was more than willing to take care of my problem and help me find a solution to my situation. No matter the size of the company, it’s customer service such as yours that will guarantee return business, excellent word of mouth advertising, and continued growth and success. Enclosed please find photos of my old shelter and now my new upgraded shelter.

David Kiel