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Speed-Way Safety and Shelter for a Lonely Motorcycle

dr-fengA brother, contributor, official Bikernet certified welder, VP of Bikernet Manufacturing, Tobey, lives on a rusting steel ketch in the Wilmington marina. He recently agreed to a long-term road test of a 650 ATK cruiser. He desperately needed shelter and security for his freedom ride and Speed-way Shelters offered to, “Gimme Shelter.”

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Perfect for small space

small-spacesmall-space-2I have the Touring Bike cover and it it absolutely perfect for the space I have available. As you can see from the pictures the shelter fits perfect in my limited space.

This shelter is very easy to assemble and disassemble if needed. It provides much, much better protection from the elements than a conventional slip over type covers, of which I have had several.
–Mike Bricker / Harley Owner


Great solution for outdoor bike & Trike storage

trikeNot having a garage or other weather-protected place to store my bike and trike outdoors, I tried nearly everything — covers, bubbles — but nothing was reliable. The Trike covers in particularly were pretty useless. Most affordable storage sheds were not long enough to accommodate a trike so I was forced to store my Trike in my commercial storage space. That ended up being a horrible inconvenience, as everytime I wanted to ride I had to drive a 2 miles to pick it up. Not having the Trike easily accessible discouraged consistent and frequent riding.

With my Carbon Trikes SL slated for delivery in March I was very anxious about finding a solution. And I found what I consider a dream: The Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter. They were designed for outdoor storage of motorcycles and Trikes. And the price in my book is reasonable: $325 for the basic model. And the storage space under the Speed-Way cover is more than enough for a trike and probably a tandem as well.

As Speed-Way advised, I built a platform to provide a level, waterproof base for the Speed-Way structure. At the moment I’m storing my wife’s basic two-wheeler in the SpeedWay. When the CarbonTrikes SL arrives, this will be its home outdoors. When I want to ride it, it will be in my back yard in a sheltered space ready to go!

–Rick Hasel